John Marc Anderson has been a fabricator, an artist, a craftsman, and a designer for all of his adult life. As CEO of one of the largest custom bedding manufacturing companies in the United States by day, his use of diverse materials has always been a part of his life's work.

His art, however, is unique, powerful, soulful, captivating, and otherwordly. Collectors of Marc's work have described his art as "so unique, you seek it out, waiting for the next piece or idea that is going to be spawned, because you must have it"...

Although a Washington, DC native, Marc has lived in the New Orleans area for more than ten years, and his immersion in New Orleans life and environment is reflected in his subject matter, almost exclusively bound to architectural interpretations of the City's most iconic symbols that New Orleans natives and visitors alike will recognize and often revere.

Completely self taught as an artist, his use of advanced technology, though not clearly visible in his work, is ever present, along with practical use of a variety of eclectic media, from vinyl spackling to house paint, to wood stains, to acrylic, enamel, and oil paints, even dental bonding compound.

Marc creates each piece, or component of a montage piece, from his original scuptures, almost always a wall mounted relief format. The original sculptures are recorded using a laser scanning system, and recreated in various sizes using a high end 3-D printer, and he uses the castings to create resin reproductions which are integrated into each piece, and then embellished, painted, stained, and "weathered" using proprietary techniques that are purely Marc's creations and formulas.

One of his perennial favorites by collectors is Marc's iconic recreation of the classic New Orlean's shotgun house, and a variety of both monochromatic and color studies of these beloved buildings are often a primary subject matter found at shows and in galleries and authorized retailers.

"Flight", 2010, Assemblage, including discarded mannequin torso
"Arise". 2012, Assemblage, Lifecasting, discarded statuary wings
"Old Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana", Mixed Media, including styrene foam, vinyl and joint compound, wood stains, acrylic and enamel house paints, dental bonding materials. This original sculpture has been used as the master for many smaller castings and sections used in montages of cemetery themed pieces. This one of a kind piece is available through the studio for $4500. SOLD, however customer orders accepted. Reproductions can be purchased from $1200. Call 985 966 7000
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New Orlean's Most Sought After Art Is
Available At Select Retailers And Galleries
New Orleans most sought after holiday and year round gift are always available, and can be found at retailers around the city. Arabella Interiors, in Mandeville, Louisiana, always has the largest supply of ornaments and other works and is your best source when you need a gift or other work quickly. Call Arabella Interiors at (985) 727 9787 for availability. These ornaments are signed by Marc, and custom pieces can be ordered through them.

Each ornament is individually hand stained and painted, includes gold flourish style hook, and gift box with label. Makes the ultimate gift, not just for the holidays! Limited Quantities available!
"St. Louis Cathedral #23", 65"x72", Private Collection
"St. Louis Cathedral Detail #14", 36"x36", Private Collection
"New Orleans Cemetery Montage #12", 28"x32", Private Collection
Other Ornaments Include St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans Skyline, New Orleans Cemetery #1, all completely hand finished, stained, embellished with goldleaf accents, and signed by Marc. Each ornament is an individual work of art.
"New Orleans Shotgun House #34", Sculpture, 2015
St. Louis Cathedral Panels, 14"x36" in studio
"Resurrected", Assemblage/Mixed Media 2015
"Aqua Torso", Assemblage/ Sculpture, Mixed Media 2016
Discarded Mannequin Torso, Salvaged Garden Statuary Wings, Salvaged Panel Board, Used House Paints, Gold Leaf- Private Collection
"Awe Inspiring, Breathtaking...Capturing The Soul Of New Orleans"...
"Shotgun House #37", Sculpture/Resin Casting, 2015
"The Nieghborhood" Sculpture/Resin Casting, 2016
St. Louis Cathedral Detail Piece, Sculpture, 2013
985 966 7000
St. Louis Cathedral, 30"x 48", Antique Finish, 2018
St. Louis Cathedral, 65" x 72", Natural Weathered Finish, 2013