John Marc Anderson is an American artist born March 25, 1956, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up in a military family, Marc lived all across the United States and Europe. His parents fostered a strong creative environment for he and his four siblings, and art, architecture, history, and science were ever present in the Anderson household.

Marc's family settled in the Washington, DC, area, where he attended high school and then The University Of Maryland, College Park, where he received a degree in Agriculture and Animal Physiology, originally intending to go to veterinary school.

Upon graduation from college, Marc had already established a business and was working full time right out of school. He attended graduate school at Howard University and The Florida Instititute Of Technology. He lived in Alexandria, Virginia, until 2002, and then moved to Mandeville, Louisiana, but splits his time between New Orleans and home.

For over 30 years, Marc has created startup companies in almost every industry, and has bought and sold dozens of businesses, including two large scale production florist businesses, a sheetmetal and neon sign production business, and was the creator and founder of Ellen's Futon Convertibles, a Washington and Baltimore, MD chain of retail sofabed and alternative furnishings stores which had 11 locations.

He also founded an e-commerce business which designs and manufactures specialty bedding products that target the non-toxic and chemically sensitive community, and has a vast and thorough knowledge of bedding materials and ingredients which cater to this market, and is a recognized authority on non-toxic and hypo-allergenic bedding materials used for high risk individuals.

Marc is completely self-taught as an artist, and in fact, did not start developing his art until he was 48 years old, although he had a familiarity with most of the media materials he uses.

His work typically is centered around three dimensional wall mounted sculpture, creating original pieces from styrene foam, modeling materials, wood, plastics, and other ingredients.

The originals are then laser scanned and printed using three dimensional printers to create smaller variations of the larger piece, and Marc can also cut up and use sections of pieces, such as those found in his New Orleans cemetery works, to create unique montages.

Every single piece, whether original or a casting, is hand embellished, stained, painted, and treated as a unique piece of art by Marc himself.

Marc is certainly best known for his beloved New Orleans Christmas Ornaments, a new style of which is created each and every year. Marc's New Orleans Cemetery #1 Ornament captures the iconic architectural and reverent style of the classic New Orleans above ground cemeteries, and is a tribute to those celebrating the holiday season, and to those who have gone before.
Other ornaments include the St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans Skyline, and for 2018, the newest ornament, currently at the tail end of production, the Roman Taffy Cart, a New Orleans classic.

Marc's St. Louis Cathedral Pieces For New Orleans Area Homes And Businesses Are In Such High Demand, There Is Often A Lengthy Backlog Of Work. Larger Pieces Are Available For Municipal And Upscale Settings. For larger custom pieces and commercial work, contact Marc's studio directly at 985 966 7000
This Was The Original Sculpture Of "Old Cemetery #1" That Started The New Orleans Cemetery Series That Has Received Worldwide Acclaim For Marc's Work. Visitors Around The World Are Fascinated By Our Unique Architecture And Design Elements That Can Be Found In Any Area Graveyard.
"Charmed" was a piece Marc completed as a study of extrapolation of scale. Working from a 12" model, Marc designed and hand cut each piece of this astonishing replica of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France, purely by sight. The actual sculpture was 19'11" tall, and featured a ring at the top area which represented the ring that would be used to attach a miniature version to a charm bracelet.
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Marc in his studio in Mandeville, Louisiana.
St. Louis Cathedral Detail, 2013
Figurative Work 2010, created for a client after lifecasting. These pieces can be commissioned, and prices begin at $7500 for individual works.
Lifecasting, commission by client, closeup of hand and torso.