John Marc Anderson is an established New Orleans artist whose work is a cross between folk art and classic style relief and sculpture, capturing the soulful spirit of our culture and our iconic architecture. Select retailers who focus on local artists are invited to inquire about featuring Marc's art in your store. Call 985 966 7000 for more information about becoming a dealer.
"Old Cemetery #1", available in various sizes and finishes, at select retailers in the New Orleans area.
Cutting styrene foam board to craft an original St. Louis Cathedral piece.
"Wings Of Steel", Assemblage, Mixed Media, 2010
Rough-In, "Women's Opera Guild House", New Orleans
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"Swan Dive", Assemblage, 2010. Crafted using discarded mannequin torso, styrene foam, acrylic, enamel, and aerosolized paints.
Working studio shot of three large sculptures of The St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans. Custom piece for residential and commercial applications in larger sizes are available as commissioned work.
Medium sized relief of St. Louis Cathedral, found in select retail locations in the New Orleans area.
Shotgun House Fridge Magnet With Velvet Bag, available at select retailers in the New Orleans area.
Side view of small St. Louis Cathedral panel showing relief and level of detail in work. Available at select retailers in the New Orleans area.
"Unearthed At Pompeii", Assemblage, 2015, repurposed mannequin pieces, styrene foam, acrylic and enamel paint, wood stains, aerosolized paint.
Marc's highly sought after Christmas ornaments are available at fine retailers in the New Orleans area. Limited supplies are available. Since 2009, the City's most popular decoration on a tree!
Prized by locals, Marc's interpretations of New Orlean's wonderful cemeteries are prized for their crisp detail and weathered, timeless finishes.
St. Louis Cathedral panel in Ancient finish, 2013
St. Louis Cathedral panels, detail sections, 2015
"Crescent City Skyline", mixed media, 2014
Shotgun House, stone finish, 2013
"Three Shotguns", Mixed Media, 2016